Machine Learning Stammtisch (March, 7th, 19.00 CET)

This Friday, the new Machine Learning regular’s table  will meet for the first time at c-base.

Daniel Nouri will give a talk in which you will learn about recent developments around deep neural networks, with a focus on convolutional neural networks, which have enabled huge improvements in the state of the art of image classification. We will discuss:

  • tricks that enabled the breakthrough of ConvNets, which were originally conveiced in the 1980s
  • how using deep neural nets compares to traditional image recognition; applications, advantages and drawbacks
  • good ways for you to get started with ConvNets; an overview of available open source implementations
  • tips for training train deep neural nets effectively

The talk will be approximately 45 minutes long.  There will be plenty of time to discuss questions about not only the talk but about our new Berlin machine learning group in general: what are our goals, how often do we meet and when, what subjects do we want to hear about etc.

If you’re interested in machine learning, you shouldn’t miss this event 😉

  • Friday (07.03.14) evening, 7 pm
  • c-base space station – mainhall

Hope to meet you there!

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2 Antworten zu „Machine Learning Stammtisch (March, 7th, 19.00 CET)“

  1. Avatar von fox

    war leider verhindert. gibt’s bald noch ein weiteres ML treffen?

  2. Avatar von wolfgraph

    Tolle Idee euer Thema-
    Verlangt breiten technischen Horizont.
    Daher ideal als ein intzerdisziplinaeres Projekt.
    In Hamburg ist mir nichs taehnliches ausser der Uni bekannt.

    Denke neben N-Nets vor allem an Bayes -Nets
    buw gewichtete Vektoren .
    Hat jemand ev. GraphDB dazu verwendet ?
    Oder mal mit einer GPU als Mathemaschine gearbeitet ?
    ich schiele weiter nach Berlin.