DORKBOT.BLN „People doing strange things with electricity.“
Monday, January 28, 2008.
20:00 | Entrance fee: 5 EUR (Free access for transmediale.08 festival pass owners)

c-base the secret spacestation underneath Berlin invites you to its 5th annual dorkbot.bln meeting in co-operation with http://www.we-make-money-not-art.com. Hosted by Tim Pritlove (CCC).

– mikro.FM: „Your friendly neighborhood micro transmitter network and how to join in.“

– Fabienne „fbz“ Serriere: „Future Fabrics: construction techniques for
wearables with flexible and washable circuitry.“ http://fabienne.us

– 02L – Outside Standing Level: „Unità Zero“ – An interactive set of five pads at power of two: 32 possible combinations of stunning videos and vibrating mixed audio sequences, triggered by stepping feet. http://www.02l.net/projects/interactive_set

– „Moving Forest“ – a 12-hour sonic performance at transmediale.08, February 1st, 11 am to 11 pm – is a multi-artist and cross-institutional collaboration. The „Moving Forest“ team will present their electronic gadgets, introducing Ricardo from New York with his Radio Gun Revolt, Martin from Berlin with his Scrying Boards, and Pit from Backyard Radio with their micro FM node. http://www.movingforest.net

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