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c-base logbuch

c-base hack weekend, July 7-9

We’d like to announce a c-base hack weekend with the theme „reprogramming the space station„.

This event is around the c-flo project where we’re connecting all the different c-base systems on c-beam MQTT, editable using the Flowhub visual editor.

Focus areas:

  • MsgFlo IoT and new functionality — connecting internet services with MsgFlo, adding new smarts to the space station IoT setup.
    Skills: Python, Node.js, Rust
  • Hardware hacking — connecting more devices with MsgFlo.
    Skills: microcontroller programming, electronics
  • Information displays — new infoscreen designs, data visualizations.
    Skills: web design, React.js, Django
  • Mobile app — bringing the hackerspace IoT functionality to mobile.
    Skills: Android (maybe iOS too?)
  • Woodworking — new cases, mounts, decorations for various systems.
    Skills: woodworking, painting

You don’t have to an expert to participate. We’ll be there to help you get up to speed!
Add yourself to the Facebook event.

c-flo in action, detecting ABBA and setting disco mode

Read more:

Transcyberian Crypto-Party 16.6.2017 18:00h

We are very proud to bring the Transcyberian parties from Paris to Berlin!

Transcyberian is a series of club, noise, queer and nerd friendly events featuring futuristic, crypto and activism workshops and experimental electronic performance and DJs. Transcyberian is a hybrid concept inspired by CryptoParty. Our events are LGBTQI+-friendly. As we want everyone to be welcome, there is no entrance fee at our events – however if you can afford a donation, it would be much appreciated.

For our first event we decided to donate all the money we will collect to the Chelsea Manning legal fund operated by the Courage Foundation.





6pm – 11pm : Workshops
Adam Harvey – Facial recognition
Leif Ryge – The pocket litter exchange
CryptoParty Berlin – CryptoBar
more tba
11pm : Live performance
Widescope – Experimental Silence Performance
Midnight – open end: Party
Various Vegetables DJs:
Eutechnik [A/V]
Vertical 67

Ein Cybernachtstraum

Die neue Eigenproduktion des c-base Collectivdramas „c-atre“ hat im Februar ihre Uraufführrung. „Ein Cybernachtstraum“ ist eine romantische Comedy mit Musik und Social-Media nach einer Vorlage von Jasper Nicolaisen.Aufführungen: 23./24./25. Februar 2017 jeweils 20h in der mainhall der c-base

mehr infos hier

Die Videomitschnitte älterer Produktionen gibt’s im Netz:

The Time is right (3.7.2014)

When Sysadmins Ruled the Earth (31.01.2013)

TRACEROUTE – Screening 10. February 2017

We’re happy to present the 2016 Nerd-Documentation „TRACEROUTE“ in coorporation with the Heinrich-Böll-Foundation. „TRACEROUTE“ is a nerdy road-trip across the United States. Johannes Grenzfurthner of the Vienna-based artists-collective „monochrom“shows us places and interviews persons of interest concerning Comics, Space-Travel, Trash-Movies, Science-Fiction and Video-Games.

After an extensive Festival-Tour in 2016 and a screening at 33C3 we’re glad to do a screening on c-base with an Q/A-Session with author/director Johannes Grenzfurthner.

Friday 10. February 2017

20:00 doors

20:30 screening „TRACEROUTE“ &  Q/A-Session

23:00h Lounge mit DJ Saetchmo

Further Info:

Traceroute: Von Nerd zu Nerd

The story of Traceroute, about a Leitnerd’s quest


Die c-base als Ingress-Portal

4 Jahre Ingress – hier ein Text über die Bedeutung der c-base in der Community. Im Adventskalender von Julia Vivienne Loverdose (#NoFactor) Ingress Christmas Countdown Dec 10, 2016

Ingress Christmas Countdown: The „must know“ portals. Day 10/24 #ingressCountdown
To know where to go, you need to remember where you came from.Name: C-Base Raumstation unter Berlin – Mitte
Description: a crashed spaceship
Location:  Berlin. Germany
Intel link:,13.42008&z=17&pll=52.513099,13.42008

Importance: local res HQ with the only #IngressTable which uses the official ingress API, a permanent blue farm, a shard hub and the RES afterparty location. What happens at c-base stays at c-base.According to its official story (ingress-unrelated) C-base is a spaceship from the future, that crashed while exiting a time warp and landed in the past, in our time. This ship had plenty of advanced technologies on board. Scientists are still working work hard on recovering those technologies. No wonder, that this place became a local HQ of RES, who, according to the #ingress story line are for the technological advances instead of pimping up the mind activity by the influence of XM.

This place has earned “legendary” status as it was a part of many Ingress events. Berlin’s first closed beta invites for ingress came from here. It was the center of operations during the #Recursion finale and a shard hub for that finale.  The Recursion Afterparty at the c-base was the most epic anomaly after party ever. C-base was also a volatile portal during #ingressIO event back in 2014.  Thanks to this portal RES won the entire Anomaly!

Passcode cards for the world’s first powercube were given away here after a Berlin event back in 2013. This was a day before the official release of power cubes. Yes, agents, there were times when we had no power cubes in our scanner and had to move around to collect XM.

Beside being a permanent blue P8 farm, a countless amount of  unique explorer badges were made at the c-base and a lot of XF Fieldarts where planned here.

C-base was honoured by a visit of niantic crew members  such as +John Hanke​ and +Klue S.​.

This portal even got stolen once. After being reported by ENL it was removed from the portal network. After a huge shitstorm on g+ it was back within 12 hours.
(  Reaction video (

If you ever happen to visit c-base, do not miss to see the famous ingress table. This project is the only ingress hardware project that uses the official API.

Have you been to this place?  Do you have a key?

Follow the Christmas countdown collection: (
Got a great suggestion? Submit it here: (
Try your luck! On the last day of the countdown two swag packs will be given away to two randomly selected submissions!

Glühwein-Rezeptaustausch zur Wintersonnenwende

21. 12. 2016, 20h, mainhall und arboretum

Um die längste Nacht des Jahres etwas weniger dunkel zu gestalten, lädt die Raumstation erstmals zum Glühwein-Rezeptaustausch ein.

Selbstverständlich werden alle Rezepte vor Ort zubereitet, zur Verköstigung gebracht und durch die anwesenden Weinkenner bewertet. Im Vordergrund steht weniger der Wettbewerbs- als vielmehr der Open-Source-Gedanke und die Suche nach dem perfekten Rezept. Jeder der teilnehmen möchte, sollte eine Flasche Wein und die entsprechende Gewürzmischung mitbringen, Rezepte bitte im Wiki eintragen.

[link kommt]

Wie immer auf der c-base gibt es Essen, wenn Ihr welches mitbringt. Wenn das Wetter geeignet ist, werden wir den Grill anfeuern, ansonsten freuen wir uns über Speisen aller Art, die ohne Grill genossen werden können.

In jedem Fall werden wir die längste Nacht dieser planetaren Sonnenumrundung mit einem Feuer im Arboretum erhellen.

27.6. 7:30 PM: Metastellar Music Invasion 1.1


    The Kickstarter campaign is over and we made it! Huge thanks to everyone!



27.6. 7:30 PM: Metastellar Music Invasion 1.1

Moldover and friends are invading our Mainhall for an evening of AWESOME. We’ll kick off the evening with some music-tech workshops and then dive into an eclectic program of meta-stellar beats and melodies.

Free event! Donations are graciously welcomed and go to support c-base and the artists.

moldover Timetable

7:30pm-9:00pm Workshops (see below)

9:00pm-2:00am Eclectic Demonstration with:
Timo Preece
Alfred Ladylike
…and more…

WORKSHOPS (7:30pm-9:00pm)

Moldover Makesmusic will premiere a sweet new presentation on how to create unique artworks by designing printed circuit boards. Learn about his Light Theremin CD case (, The Voice Crusher USB/cassette instrument (, and his new wearable LED Four Track Pendant.

Timo Preece will share his strategies for designing a custom live music performance setup (

The official event page is at facebook (sorry 😉 ) (

Launch of CODE RED, 20.04.2015 20 Uhr @ c-base

CODE RED- 20th April 2015 @ c-base 8 p.m.


What happens when the forces of government surveillance are confronted
by the combined power of the world’s most renowned technologists,
whistleblowers and privacy activists? Answer: meltdown!

On Monday 20th April, c-base will host the launch of this very
initiative. Code Red involves such figures as Tor’s Jacob Appelbaum,
former NSA technical director William Binney, crypto pioneer Whitfield
Diffie, security guru Bruce Schneier along with a spectrum of
influential activists from US presidential candidates to hard-core
privacy campaigners in fifteen countries.

Led by Simon Davies – father of the international privacy activist
movement, and Annie Machon – former MI5 intelligence officer turned
whistleblower, Code Red aims to raise the heat on resistance to the
surveillance state. It will be a strategic think-tank, clearing house
and network hub for technologists and activists across the world. In
this event, Davies and Machon will outline their plans and set out
Code Red’s program for the coming year

Space Meal Contest – 31. 1. 2015 – 20h

800px-ISSSpaceFoodOnATrayWerte Gourmets der pangalaktischen Culinaric!

Einmal im Jahr materialisiert sich der 7.5te Ring „cuisine“ auf der Station. Im Rahmen des Space Meal Contest werden wieder Cöstlichceiten aus fernen Galaxien, von fremden Planeten und neuen Civilisationen zubereitet worden sein.


– Teilnehmen cönnen Member/Aliens/Teams ab 18 Jahren

– Jeder Combattant hat 5 Minuten Zeit eine ausserirdische Spezialität mit kurzer Einführung über Historie der Speise/des Heimatplaneten vorzustellen.

– die Combattanten bewerten sich gegenseitig. Zusätzlich gibt es eine Jury aus dem Publikum


1. Aussehen

2. Geschmack

3. Historie

4. Weltraumtauglichkeit

Den besten Cöchinnen und Cöchen winken wie immer attractive Sachpreise.


Anmeldungen bitte an e-punc(ät)


(Bild: Public Domain NASA via Wikimedia)

Stationsfunk 003

Es gibt wieder eine neue Folge vom Stationsfunk mit woodworker und uk im c-base audioblog.

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