globale Filmfestival – Seminar Media Analysis

08|11 18:00-21:30 | Mainhall | Free entry
Globale Filmfestival – seminar/workshop on MEDIA ANALYSIS… and TACTICAL MEDIA.

Anne Roth (Annalist), Claudia Becker (Vilem Flusser Archives), Marc Herbst (Journal of
Aesthetics & Protest), and Paolo Podrescu (XLterrestrials).
globale is a Berlin-based, non-profit and non-competitive film festival focusing on urgent political topics.

The globale team is a heterogeneous group of activists working on a voluntary basis; we meet weekly and are searching for new members! We are always open for new collaborators and interested in helping organize globale programs in other cities and countries. Most of all we are curious about your film submissions.

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  1. Avatar von podinski

    Hi all, The seminar technically begins at 19h, doors at 18h. And if you would like to read more about the directions and focus for the evening, there’s the full text online here:

    Media Implosion Part 2:
    ( mostly in eng + de welcome )

    Panel/Workshop w/ Anne Roth (Annalist ), Claudia Becker ( Flusser Archives), Marc Herbst ( Journal of Aesthetics and Protest ) + Paolo
    Podrescu ( XLterrestrials), etc.

    We invite doc makers + new media ninjas, bloggers, hackers + global citizens to analyze the ever-shifting media landscape. Surely we have
    now “become the media”, and we are all in, if not on, the Net! A world of Server Clouds, Gamefication, Virtual Migration, Twitterization, Wikileaks, Social Networks, Data-Leeching + Surveillance, Augmented Hypermarkets, etc…. all spilling over into every corner of our lives, and voraciously eating up our days. Are we empowering communities or are we feeding the corporate monster state?! Will an information society on this scale bring about liberation + higher (collective) intelligence or be the final consumer mousetrap !? And a discussion about “Tactical Cinema” in this precariously digitized world.