1st SailfishOS Meetup Berlin (March, 5th)


Do you remember the days when Meego Freedays happend at our beloved space station? Let us meet again soon!

In the last days of 2013 a small Finnish start up founded by parts of the former Maemo/Meego team an Nokia launched a smartphone („Jolla“) running an operation system called Sailfish OS. This is remarkable as big parts of this new operation system are open source software developed in public. Even sources to applications like the systems default browser are available in public.

In the future there will be images provided for a big range of Android devices as well so the OS will not be available for the Jolla Phone only!

It would be great to have a regular meet up for all the Sailors and people interested into the OS/device here in Berlin. If you want to show a demo or have a specific topic you want to show please let us know via comment in the related together question thread.

  • Wednesday, 5th, 6pm
  • c-base space station

Looking forward to see you,


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