Berlin Hack and Tell #7 – 13.12.

Tuesday, 13|12|2011 6:30pm | mainhall | free entry

For the last time of this very successful year we call you hackers to unite at c-base spacestation. You had all year to prepare for this event so you better bring your A-Game. Showing hacks to get feedback and learn, discuss and most of all inspire others.

There are not many rules, but:

  1. You’ll get 5 minutes to present in English
  2. people can ask you afterwards, so better programmed it 🙂
  3. NO PURE SLIDEDECKS, only Demos + Code (+ supporting slides if neccessary)

If you come, tell us through Meetup. If you want to present, tell us in the registration form. And if you have feedback please send it to berlin{at} Our relaxed event will only as good as everybody makes it. Bring your hacks and your friends and join us for the evening.


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