c-bass on 2.3.2024

We invite all species from near and far to join us in the first ever intergalactic bass hack at c-base space station (c-bass). Here we want to find new ways to utilize and control low end frequencies. Possibilities are vast – here some ideas:

  • bass visualisation (e.g. make lights, robots, AI dance, .. with us)
  • heat monitoring for drivers
  • creative turntable decoupling
  • low freq dispersion measurements and counter-measures
  • ..

All creatures welcome. Come alone or in a group.

Hillbilly HiFi (that already proved compatibility with c-base last year) will provide you with a heavy weight Sound System. You can bring ideas or be inspired by others and just join a team. We have equipment for soldering if you want to hack on hardware – we also have a limited supply of ESP controllers, LEDs and I2S MEMS Microphones.

We have free Wifi and Tea.

Let your creativity run wild and you have the chance to present what you hacked before we do extensive testing over the night. Berlin dub veteran Tom Bauminista will provide a fitting soundtrack with dub from outer space and far beyond.

It would be great if you RSVP here to help us plan.


14:00 doors
14:20 opening
21:00 testing start
04:20 testing end

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