Mozilla Labs auf der c-base: Hack Days

Announcing three great opportunities to hang out and hack with Mozilla Labs! As part of the Labs whistle-stop tour through Europe, we will be hosting Hack Days at c-base in Berlin. These sessions will be super informal and totally flexible – join for any part of the day to code, ask questions, or just hang out. Meet the leads for high-profile future-of-the-web experiments including Weave, Ubiquity, Geode, and Personas.

* Lightening presentations every two hours on Labs projects. Open slots for anyone else who wants to do a lightening presentation on their own project.
* Showcase presentations for projects people have been working on during the Hack day
* Workshops for web best practices
* Previews of new content features in Firefox 3.1 (SVG Transforms!)
* Workshops and tutorials for making Ubiquity commands
* Competitions around story boarding new concepts, creating Ubiquity commands, and Geode-enabled sites


Tuesday 10/21
3-7:00pm Mozilla Labs Hack Day 1 at c-base
Weave in the afternoon, Ubiquity in the late afternoon/evening

Wednesday 10/22
12:30pm-7pm Mozilla Labs Hack Day 2 at c-base
Ubiquity in the afternoon, Weave in the late afternoon/evening

Thursday 10/23
9:30am-12pm Mozilla Labs Hack Day 3 at c-base

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