2nd Sailfish OS Meetup (June, 2nd)

SailfishOSAlmost two month ago the first Sailfish OS Meetup happend. Unfortunately during the last weeks there was no time for me to organise the next meetings but I am going to do this now again.

Here are the facts:

  • When? Monday, June, 2nd, 7pm
  • Where? main hall, c-base
  • Who? Everyone interested in SailfishOS!

It would be great to make this evening more impressive by having some people presenting related stuff. This could be:

  • Showing an application or a hack you like or created
  • A Jolla or Sailfish OS related topic (e.g.: QML or Wayland specific stuff)
  •  Just questions regarding Jolla/Sailfish OS

If you would like to give a short talk or presentation just get in contact with us: sailfishosberlin@ju-key.de

In addition check out the Sailfish OS meetup FAQ.

Looking forward to see you!

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