After congress lounge

so 30|12 20:00 Mainhall + decc cero
Following the tradition of our already legendary post-congress lounges, we will provide you with finest audio- and video-input, Chunk and other drinks at either our main bar or the skei bar downstairs.

As this is the CHAOS communication congress we are celebrating, the ink on the following lines is not yet dry and changes/additions may occur at any time till Monday morning 😉

  • HiEnergy
  • Martin Mueller (edelkonsum/fuckparade)
  • dj lita (ausland) & riuki (naher osten)
  • Seagle und Giorgio Ormoni
  • carlo von lynX (buttharp/bomb boutique)
  • Raving Mad Carlos


  • cyper (visual berlin)
  • golle (c-base)
  • Servando

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4 Antworten zu „After congress lounge“

  1. Avatar von critic

    is this the *only* info about this event? are you expecting germans only? couldnt you give some more info for non-german speaking people? anything? please – try harder!

  2. Avatar von lynX

    Hi there.. just a couple of hours ago we decided I should spin a few records again like I did at last year’s aftershow party. Since this year we haven’t promoted it so much, it may or may not turn out as amazing again. There’s a video clip of it on

  3. Avatar von lynX

    ah.. excellent.. JL updated the page so the two comments above are no longer of relevance. it’s going to be amazing again.

  4. Avatar von t

    i like also to invite people which are intrested in the multitouch sphere. so also