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c-base logbuch

Launch of CODE RED, 20.04.2015 20 Uhr @ c-base

CODE RED- 20th April 2015 @ c-base 8 p.m.


What happens when the forces of government surveillance are confronted
by the combined power of the world’s most renowned technologists,
whistleblowers and privacy activists? Answer: meltdown!

On Monday 20th April, c-base will host the launch of this very
initiative. Code Red involves such figures as Tor’s Jacob Appelbaum,
former NSA technical director William Binney, crypto pioneer Whitfield
Diffie, security guru Bruce Schneier along with a spectrum of
influential activists from US presidential candidates to hard-core
privacy campaigners in fifteen countries.

Led by Simon Davies – father of the international privacy activist
movement, and Annie Machon – former MI5 intelligence officer turned
whistleblower, Code Red aims to raise the heat on resistance to the
surveillance state. It will be a strategic think-tank, clearing house
and network hub for technologists and activists across the world. In
this event, Davies and Machon will outline their plans and set out
Code Red’s program for the coming year

NoFlo Development Environment

NoFloAm Freitag den 9. August 21:00h wird c-base member Henri Bergius sein Projekt NoFlo in der mainhall vorstellen. Es geht um eine grafische Entwicklungsumgebung, die gerade per Kickstarter in die nächste Runde geht. Geplant ist nicht weniger als ein Paradigmen-Wechsel in Sachen Coding.

Friday 9th of August 21:00h c-base member Henri Bergius will present his project NoFlo in our public space “mainhall”. It’s about a visual, flow-based programming environment that is presently going in the next round financed by Kickstarter. The plan is nothing less than a paradigm-shift in coding.


Hier der Mitschnitt des Vortrags:

Introduction to Flow-Based Programming and NoFlo from c-base on Vimeo.

rapman first moves

A couple of weeks ago a friendly sponsor offered a RapMan 3d printer for archaeological works at the c-base space station. It turned out the RapMan seems to be an ancient artefact that needs some care.

We were now able to reconstruct this forgotten piece of future technology and even got it movin‘. See yourself:

rapman @ c-base. first moves from rasda on Vimeo.

While the z-axis is still in need of some fine tuning (or we need to consider using it as a 2d printer 😉 we are looking forward a three dimensional „hello world“ soon.

Hello humans, this is c-base speaking

This is a „hello humans“ from c-base, the often called „mother(ship) of all hackerspaces“. We are happy to update you on the shining new blog planet with news in English.
Besides: You are also welcome to follow us on twitter or join our facebook group.