the problem

the c-base is entirely financed by monthly membership fees.
thus the c-base doesn't have enoughmembers to cover the monthly costs (rent, power supply, etc...), the c-base has to let (lease) the mainhall to people who organise events.
the rent is ca. 4.3k, with electricity and internet it's up to 5.5-6k.
due to a very high back payment for electricity (2.5k) in the end of
2005 and for the basement rooms (2k) in 2006, the debts piled up and the
c-base had trouble to keep up with the monthly payments.
also the german collecting society GEMA repeatedly tries to squeeze
money out the c-base. so far for the how did it happen... more news
coming up.

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3 Antworten zu „the problem“

  1. Avatar von saul

    So how many members does the c-base need?

    Is there an option to be a remote member (ie in a difference country)? I’d be happy to join, and feel like I can pop in whenever I’m in Berlin – and get a regular update of what’s happening etc.

    I donated some money – I’d like to know how I can help to make sure rent gets paid next month.

    I’d also – if possible – like to see a ‚donatometer‘ – I know paypal has some kind of api for those… Wish I could help more with that kind of thing.

    Anyway – good luck to the crew! Fingers crossed that the donations continue to flood in….



  2. Avatar von voltage

    We currently have ~200 Members. To be really save we need 400.
    But there are other things to generate Money. We have a conference room, we have soundlab and so on.

    The donatometer is currently in progress.

    I will check if it is possible to become a Member outside of Germany. The only problem could be the monthly payment.

    Thanks for your help Saul!

  3. Avatar von bruder

    hey saul,
    thanx for your action!!!