AsteroidOS meets SailfishOS (Next Monday, Sep. 5th)

The next SailfishOS Meetup on Monday, 5th of September will be special. Our friends from the AsteroidOS do not just share parts of the same software stack as SailfishOS or Nemo (like Qt or libhybris). No, like SailfishOS mostly and Nemo in general it’s an embedded open source project. At the same time the QtConf is going to take place in Berlin and so it is a nice opporunity to meet and discuss the project’s future. Join us either being an Astroidnaut or being a Sailor!

AsteroidOS is an open source operating system for smartwatches built on OpenEmbedded, Qt5, BlueZ5 and libhybris. This event, which would take place on the 5th of september at 7pm, would be a meeting between contributors and enthusiasts to get to know each other and maybe brainstorm on the future of the project.

In case you plan to participate you might consider to let us know before, thanks.

  • Where? At c-base, Rungestr. 20
  • When? 7pm
  • Who? The meetup is free and open for everyone interested.

See you on Monday!

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