My data is bigger than yours! Vortrag zu „Big Data“ am 27.05.2014

Am Dienstag, 27.05.2014 halten Juanjo Mostazo and Steffen Wachenfeld in der c-base einen Vortrag (auf englisch) über „Big Data“.

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Und weil der Vortrag auf englisch gehalten wird, ist der Rest dieses Blogposts auch auf englisch.

Juanjo and Steffen, both with backgrounds in Big Data and Machine Learning will give a talk about „Big Data“.

During the first part, Steffen will address challenges related to Big Data
Processing, especially in the presence of high amounts of data and real
time requirements. One application that will be covered is Real-time
bidding (RTB), where several thousand events have to be processed per
second and decisions have to be made based on huge amounts of past data.

During the second part, Juanjo will cover Map Reduce and Hadoop as basic
technologies for Big Data processing. Based on this, the Hadoop ecosystem
will be explained along with extensions and concepts such as Lambda
Architecture for real-time event-processing. The part ends with giving an
outlook on future technologies.

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