World Space Week Report zur UNO

128_lounge_startup.jpgthumb-bubble.jpgDa GPS2 und macro fleissig reported haben, wird die Teilnahme der c-base in einem Bericht amtlich an die UNO übergeben.

Selbstredend haben wir gleich ein Bild der c-base mit reingeschmuggelt, das gehört sich schon so 😉

Hier der kurze Text, der neben den ganzen technischen Antworten dort erscheint – danke an Nadine für die sofortige Translation:

During this year’s World Space Week, the c-base Spacestation has celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Sputnik by opening it’s sluices for an evening of lectures about current space travel development.

The Spacestation itself was completely open and free to explore and the development of it’s reconstruction were presented and explained.

The lecture topics – heavily illustrated with pictures and videos – were followed with great interest and afterwards heavily discussed. The evening concluded in a chilled lounge with electronic music.

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