Berlin’s c-base fighting for survival

written by Adam „vortex“ Burns

c-base needs your help and attention for its continued existence.

to my knowledge, no other independent group in europe has done more
for research and inspiration into the field of open wireless networking.

from promotion of German designed and acclaimed meshcubes, to
promoting research and experimentation with wardriving, wireless
mapping, wireless meshing, OLSR, and more recently a possible
successor B.A.T.M.A.N.

weekly events including wireless antenna building workshops have been
held there regularly for years.

3d artists, musicians, gaming freaks, wireless networkers, embedded
hackers, caffeine freaks and more have all regularly used the c-base
and the cross-disciplinary cooperation and cross-talk is unique to c-

From the initial BerLon (Berlin/London) meeting that spawned the
Picopeering agreement framework (that inspired the FNPA), to being
critical in the formation of „“ the on-going importance
of incubating ideas that eminates from c-base cannot easily be

If you’ve ever visited c-base and experienced their extraordinary
hospitality, please consider a symbol of gratitude in terms of a
donation, as they really need it now.

If you haven’t, then please consider taking a little time to research
the real impact that c-base has made on community wireless networking
globally for many years, and consider a small token of thanks to help
support their continued operations.

thanks &



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