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c-base logbuch

Transmediale 17 (18.2.2017) – The Telekommunist International

Digital worker cat smashes a cloudIn commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the Putilov Strike of 1917 and the ensuing Russian revolution, telekommunisten is organizing a day of political workshops, culminating with a delegates’ assembly on Saturday February 18th at the ver.di labour union headquarters in Berlin.

This will be followed by a commemorative celebration at c-base Space Station.

Leadership Workshop

Join us for a leadership workshop focusing on Counterpolitics, Technological Disobedience and Queering Communism.

The Workshop will be hosted by Dmytri Kleiner and Baruch Gottlieb, with presentations and facilitation by Ewa Majewska, Zeljko Blace, Daniel B. Tirado, Gavin Mendel Gleeson, Seda Gurses, and Diana McCarty.

Workshop participants will develop political vision and prepare for delivering rousing speeches at the delegate assembly.

Delegate Assembly

100 years after Russian Revolution, we find ourselves at a critical political crossroads. After decades of neoliberal, austerity politics, perpetual war and economic crisis, people are ready for a contemporary political vision for this century. Come and share your vision! We want to hear from you!


Saturday, February 18th, 2017

ver.di 1100-1600:  Workshops

ver.di 1900-2100:  Delegate Assembly

c-base 2200-… Commemorative Celebration

to register for workshops or to apply to be a delegate at the assembly, please contact and register here 

Produced & organized by telekommunisten and transmediale as part of transmediale festival

This is an all day event starting at 11 AM at ver.di, the celebration part starts at 10 PM (22:00) at c-base!

Metaphysische Maschinen (27.01.2017, 19:00-22:00)

Metaphysische Maschinen - Technoimaginative Entwicklung und ihre Geschichte in Kunst und Kultur

Metaphysische Maschinen

Heiko Schmid (*1978/D, lebt und arbeitet in Zürich) im Gespräch mit Nicolas Moulin (*1970/FR, lebt und arbeitet in Berlin)

In seinem Ende 2016 erschienenen Buch Metaphysische Maschinen beschäftigt sich der Kunstwissenschaftler Heiko Schmid mit so unterschiedlichen aber gleichzeitig für die aktuelle Kunst und Kultur wichtigen Phänomenen wie der populären Astronomie, der Künstlerbewegung der Futuristen, dem Science-Fiction-Genre, den Entstehungszusammenhängen der Raketentechnologien und dem Theorem der vierten Dimension. Das zentrale Anliegen seiner Studie ist es, den Maschinenbegriff kultur- und kunsthistorisch in einen komplexen Rahmen technoimaginativer Entwicklungen einzubetten.

Der Künstler Nicolas Moulin setzt sich in seiner Arbeit mit New Wave Science-Fiction-Narrativen, den dystopischen Potentialen aktueller Technologien sowie der brutalistischen Architektur auseinander. Er thematisiert in seiner künstlerischen Arbeit hierbei wiederholt jene technoimaginativen Bedingungen und Begebenheiten, die Heiko Schmid in seiner Studie aus unterschiedlichen Perspektiven beleuchtet. Zusammen werden sie in der c-base ein installatives Display entwickeln und vor dessen Hintergrund die Relevanz von Heiko Schmids Themen und Thesen für aktuellste Entwicklungen in Kunst, Kultur und Technik diskutieren.

27.01. 19:00 – 22:00

Linux Presentation Day – Saturday 14.11.

The next Linux Presentation Day (2015.2) will happen on 14. November 2015 in around 75 cities in Germany, Austria and the Suisse.

We’re presenting Linux applications, too. The event will begin at 12:00 AM.

Here’s a preliminary list of groups that will be present @c-base during the day:

  • Linux Audio Users Berlin
  • some Bitwig Studio Users
  • Hackerfleet

If you’d like to show fellow Hackers and normal Users what you’re doing with Linux or just would like to represent your user group, get in touch with me ( or on freenode irc)

Wednesday 4.11. 1930: Linux Audio Users Berlin

The Linux Audio User Group Berlin is meeting this Wednesday 19:30 – so join us for a nice discussion about general Linux Audio topics and maybe a little bit of jamming afterwards.

Also, riot will present his newest creation: AVIO – an opensource multimedia performance toolset written in Python.


27.6. 7:30 PM: Metastellar Music Invasion 1.1


    The Kickstarter campaign is over and we made it! Huge thanks to everyone!



27.6. 7:30 PM: Metastellar Music Invasion 1.1

Moldover and friends are invading our Mainhall for an evening of AWESOME. We’ll kick off the evening with some music-tech workshops and then dive into an eclectic program of meta-stellar beats and melodies.

Free event! Donations are graciously welcomed and go to support c-base and the artists.

moldover Timetable

7:30pm-9:00pm Workshops (see below)

9:00pm-2:00am Eclectic Demonstration with:
Timo Preece
Alfred Ladylike
…and more…

WORKSHOPS (7:30pm-9:00pm)

Moldover Makesmusic will premiere a sweet new presentation on how to create unique artworks by designing printed circuit boards. Learn about his Light Theremin CD case (, The Voice Crusher USB/cassette instrument (, and his new wearable LED Four Track Pendant.

Timo Preece will share his strategies for designing a custom live music performance setup (

The official event page is at facebook (sorry 😉 ) (

Machine Learning Stammtisch (March, 7th, 19.00 CET)

This Friday, the new Machine Learning regular’s table  will meet for the first time at c-base.

Daniel Nouri will give a talk in which you will learn about recent developments around deep neural networks, with a focus on convolutional neural networks, which have enabled huge improvements in the state of the art of image classification. We will discuss:

  • tricks that enabled the breakthrough of ConvNets, which were originally conveiced in the 1980s
  • how using deep neural nets compares to traditional image recognition; applications, advantages and drawbacks
  • good ways for you to get started with ConvNets; an overview of available open source implementations
  • tips for training train deep neural nets effectively

The talk will be approximately 45 minutes long.  There will be plenty of time to discuss questions about not only the talk but about our new Berlin machine learning group in general: what are our goals, how often do we meet and when, what subjects do we want to hear about etc.

If you’re interested in machine learning, you shouldn’t miss this event 😉

  • Friday (07.03.14) evening, 7 pm
  • c-base space station – mainhall

Hope to meet you there!

Gamestorm IX – World Design am 14.4.2012 (12:30 Uhr)

Das Gamestorm Logo Diesmal hat sich das Gamestorm Berlin Team ein ganz spezielles Thema rausgesucht, um all die Writer, Leveldesigner, Artists, Hobbyautoren und ContentDesigner unter euch vor spannende Aufgaben zu stellen.

Das Thema lautet: „World Design“.
Was genau passiert erfahrt ihr noch nicht, aber soviel sei schonmal verraten: wer bei Games besonders auf ausgefallene Settings, interessante Charaktere und clevere Stories steht, der ist hier genau richtig aufgehoben.

Der Gamestorm IX (Facebook) findet diesmal bei uns an Bord statt, fängt um 12:30 an und geht circa bis 17 Uhr. Danach können wir gemeinsam an der Bar mit einem kühlen Bier in der Hand den Abend ausklingen lassen.

Gamestorm IX is coming and the new topic will be: „World Design„. This time its all about crazy settings, cool characters, well-thought plots and mysterious places. If you love to create imaginary worlds then we’ve got just the right challenges for you!

The GameJam will be starting at c-base at 12:30 (12:30pm) and will last till about 17:00 (5 pm). Afterwards we’d love to end the evening with a cool beer and some interesting discussions at the bar.