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  • c-bass on 2.3.2024

    c-bass on 2.3.2024

    We invite all species from near and far to join us in the first ever intergalactic bass hack at c-base space station (c-bass). Here we want to find new ways to utilize and control low end frequencies. Possibilities are vast – here some ideas: All creatures welcome. Come alone or in a group. Hillbilly HiFi…

  • 18.2.2023 Hillbilly Hifi in Space

    18.2.2023 Hillbilly Hifi in Space

    Hillbilly Hifi invites you to jump into your spacesuit and and join us on a musical journey through space and time. Our vessel for the evening will be c-base – an enormous grounded spaceship that is currently sitting under the streets of Berlin. The circle has permitted a stress test on it’s vibration dampeners, joyfully…